Preliminary trade fair report for the Hannover Messe | April 1–5, 2019

Exhibit 4.0: LEWA is making it possible to get a custom 3D view of the inside of an Ecoflow model through AR visualization

Ground Plane Detection makes it possible to position the pump in the room virtually 

LEWA is revolutionizing its trade fair presence: The company from Leonberg, Germany has optimized its Augmented Reality (AR) app by adding a key feature to display the inner workings of pumps. The app was first used at Achema 2018. This means that Hannover Messe will mark the debut of an AR solution that lets the user visualize a pump model from the Ecoflow series. You can use a tablet to position this pump freely within the virtual space.

The tablet's camera uses Ground Plane Detection to detect the floor of the respective room and then it positions the model on this floor on the screen. This way, the freely scalable 3D model lets you take an in-depth look into the complex pump structure. The user can, for example, carry the tablet around the room to examine the exhibit as desired—from all angles as well as inside and out.

In addition, various animations can be started that map the extreme scenarios like diaphragm rupture or a blocked suction line. On this basis, the program then displays the reaction and operating principle of the Ecoflow pump in the specific situation

Versatile AR solution 

Previously, LEWA has mostly illustrated the inner workings of its pump types at trade fairs using Plexiglass heads or cutaway models. But last year's Achema in Frankfurt marked an important step ─ and an industry-wide innovation ─ toward digitally optimized pump visualization in the form of the new AR app. "However, this form of demonstration still required a real exhibit that could be captured via camera for the purpose of a digital 'tour' through the pump," explains Ronja Pecher, Marketing Manager at LEWA GmbH.

"In contrast, this new style of visualization allows for an equally in-depth and innovative presentation and visualization of the exhibit ─ without any actual pump." The AR solution is also versatile. For instance, it can be used for both internal and external training sessions and as a helpful tool for salespeople working in the field. "This way, the applications and operating principle of the Ecoflow can be demonstrated with minimal effort. This ensures that the exact relationships and advantages can be better explained and visualized," Pecher explains. "We currently have plans to visualize additional products using the app."

In addition to the virtual Ecoflow, the new DIN EN ISO certified models of the seal-less NIKKISO centrifugal canned motor pumps will be exhibited at the trade fair.

Furthermore, LEWA is demonstrating the behavior of pumps in various pressure ranges, specifically at low suction pressure, in addition to showing the influence of a pulsation damper on a pump system using a pulsation stand. This stand is equipped with a special demo model of a LEWA Ecoflow diaphragm metering pump with an M900 Plexiglass head, which makes it possible to watch the pump in live action.

In addition, LEWA is presenting a lobe and centrifugal pump from the Dutch manufacturer Pomac as well as a pump from Wilden.

In Hall 15 at the Pump Plaza, Booth G43 (05), Heinz Woldering will be available for initial questions and consultation.